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That’s  “Thank you very very much” in Tetum, the lingua franca in Timor Leste. We have a lot to be thankful for. Chatswood Rotary have been working tirelessly to ensure that this Wednesday’s big function is a success; we have gained a new Timorese dental nurse to work with in the mountain town of Maubisse; and while our third team has been in Timor Leste this last fortnight, we have had more donations from our generous supporters (head to the ‘Donate NOW’ page to see who these lovely people are)!

As mentioned before (See post “Program Budget Update”), the Timor Leste Dental Program costs $15000 every year to run and this year the budget has blown out to $43800. So we really appreciate all the support!

The funds raised now = $30345

Obrigada barak ba Ita-nia ajuda! Thank you for your help!