All donations to the Timor Leste Dental Program are tax deductible. Your generous donation will go directly towards improving the lives of the East Timorese, by supporting an improvement in their oral health. With your help, we will purchase dental materials and equipment, maintain two dental compressors, two generators, four dental chairs, two portable suction units, three portable dental carts and a vehicle. Your donation will also contribute to the salaries of local Timorese who work for the project. With your help, in 2016 we have purchased a new Forrest dental cart to replace our very complicated and oldest cart, which has become a nightmare for repairs.

To donate, the following link will redirect you to our program’s donation page on the Rotary Australia World Community Service site : DONATE NOW

THANK YOU for choosing to support the Timor Leste Dental Program!


David Spiro                                                             Dave Blomberg

Frank and Karen Wolf                                        Sandra Steinweg

Stephen Apps                                                        Jono and Carly Wolf

Roy and Jenny Cohen                                          Anthony Abrahamson

Howard and Rayna Sandler                               David Pitchford

Robert Leitch                                                         Betsy Lang

Greg O’Sullivan                                                     Susan Rosen

Jeannie Newman                                                  Peter Springis

Marjorie Redelman

Mary Tiutiunnik

Claudine Schoolwear





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