All donations to the Timor-Leste Dental Program are tax deductible. Your generous contribution will go directly towards improving the lives of the East Timorese people. With your help, we are able to purchase much-needed dental materials and equipment, and maintain two dental compressors, two generators, five dental chairs, three portable suction units, four portable dental carts and two vehicles. You also help us to employ two full-time dental therapists who run a dental clinic and a school dental service from Maubara. Your contribution also helps support the dental studies of Ana Paula at the Fiji National University.

Click the link to head to our program’s donation page on the Rotary Australia World Community Service site :

THANK YOU for choosing to support the Timor-Leste Dental Program!


Rory Smith

John Cooney

Dennis Bau

Smith and Thumpkin Dental

Peter Tyas

Edward Furze

Brett Dorney

Stephen Daymond

Keith Mentiplay

Angus Kingon

David Schimke

Geoff Knight

Maree Ryan

Lynne Gruell

Dennis O’Brien

Anne McQueen

Chris and Pip Bundy

David Sheen

David Redelman

Patrick Fitzgerald

Nicole Barry

Madeleine O’Sullivan

Neil Lanceley

Lora Stopic

Peter Giutronich

Henry Gilkes

Heather Mueller

Clair Thompson

Penny Laughlin

Charmaine White

Stephen Norrish

Liz Eberl

Sally McLain

Anthony Boyden

Kate Olsen

Bronwyn Andrew

Gordon & Marg Saggers

Emily Dickson

Karen La Fontaine

Don Thompson

Kate & Nigel Marsh

Mark Redmond

Julie Barker

David Digges

Peter Lewis

Linda Velosky

Paul Pinkerton

Jill Gallagher

Allan & Susan Christie

Bruce & Denise Dickson

Ross Shields

Peter Morgan

David Redelman

Liz & Peter Ambrose

Michael MacQuillan

Greg Crowley

Jane Millard

David & Matthew Malone

Susan Mathews

Roger Pyke

Michael Cotton

Zac Moussa

Nicklaus Mahony

Russell Carson

Ron & Jackie Robinson

Gary Miller

Geoff Roberts

Pauline McNulty

Bob Allison

Paul Chappell

Peter Kindred

Rosalie & Ian Rungie

Coflink Pty Ltd

Elizabeth O’Hare

Michael Fatouris

John Moran

Tony Maynard Consulting

Helen & Tim Kennedy

John Pinkerton

Elle Caton

Martin & Ann Kennedy

Greg Hosking

John Tweedie

Rob Hopkins

Mary Tiutiunnik

Geoff Knight

Richard Farmer

Julie Pearson

Kate Hayward

Kevin Tsetong

Gianna Jackson


6 thoughts on “DONATE NOW

  1. Overwhelmed by the generosity of family and friends. $15,000 goal has already been achieved. Many, many thanks, David

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