About Us

The Timor Leste Dental Program was founded in June 2003, when we were invited by the Carmelite Sisters  to set up a dental clinic in their health centre in Maubara, on Timor Leste’s north coast. The rural location and the provision of a dedicated space for a dental surgery made this an ideal base for a program aimed at assisting the largely rural Timorese population who have no way of accessing services in Dili.

We work in close partnership with the Carmelite Sisters in Maubara, who provide coordination, translation, and accommodation for four to six dental teams per year. Our Timorese Program Coordinator is Sister Filomena da Costa, who has been with the program since its inception. Since 2014, we have also gained some new partners, the Jesuit Mission in Railaco. Our teams have worked with Father Bong and Sister Rita many times over the past decade and have found inspiration in their dedication to the people in the Railaco area. We are very fortunate to be able to strengthen this relationship.

Rotary International

The Timor Leste Dental Program is a registered Rotary project. It is  Project 110/2004-05 within the  Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS). Rotary Australia provides organisational and financial structure for the program, which includes travel insurance for our volunteers and tax deductibility for our donors. The program has the approval and support of the Timor Leste Ministry of Health and we liaise directly with Clinical Directors of the hospitals and health centres in the villages and towns in which we work.

Mel and Sr Filomena

The Timor Leste Dental Program is dedicated to supporting the East Timorese people’s struggle to become self-reliant. This program is based on the philosophy that  the solution to local problems lies within local people. Solutions imposed from the outside are doomed to failure because local people are not brought into the decision-making process. The role of the outsider (that’s us!) is to serve – to share who we are, the skills we possess, and the talents we have been given. Hence,  our work program and work locations are determined by Sister Filomena who consults with local people, local schools and local health authorities. Moreover, our primary purpose is not to deliver dental treatment to the Timorese people. Although relieving suffering is an important part of our work, a sustainable dental solution requires a focus on prevention and continuity. Hence our most important task is to provide support for the local dental nurses by way of training, mentoring and provision of essential equipment and materials.

Wayne and Aida

All our volunteers self-fund their trip, but return home enriched by an increased awareness of ethnic, cultural, religious and racial diversity and the discovery that we are far more alike than we are different.

Thanks to Sam Moran (one of our fabulous volunteers!) for creating the video about our program.


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