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The Generosity of Others

The Timor Leste Dental Program has just received another couple of generous donations.

The amount of funds raised now stands at $24730

I am humbled by the generosity of so many people, many of whom we have never met, but without whom this program could not survive. We are a small program and we are well aware of the lack of glamour and urgency associated with teeth, especially when compared with famine, war and natural disasters. Hence, on behalf of all Timorese people and the dedicated volunteers, I would like to offer my deepest thanks to all our supporters. Teeth may not be ‘sexy’ but – as many people have experienced firsthand – they have the ability to cause the most acute suffering. Your continued support directly contributes towards alleviation of suffering, increased health, and empowerment of the Timorese people. Thank you and thank you again.



Blood, Sweat and No Tears

– Peter Shakes

Peter Shakes and Father Bong, our indispensable,  host in Railaco.
Peter Shakes and Father Bong, one of our indispensable hosts in Railaco.

Blood- Caries rules here and exo is all to often the clear and merciful solution.

Sweat- No surprise really given the proximity of the equator. But be prepared- it is bloody hot.
No Tears- Not for us but the world’s newest nation has had more than its fair share.
                   Perhaps that’s why you might give it a go.
                   Or perhaps you might just want to meet some truly inspired and inspirational people like the one in this photo ( not the Anglo male- that’s me ).
                   Or perhaps you might just want to make a difference, small as it might be.