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Team 2 report summary

Team 2’s visit in June was littered with challenges. An erupting volcano threw travel plans into disarray, a missed turn in the road meant an unplanned trip into Railaco, and  broken compressors and dodgy repairs limited both the work done in the first week as well as the team’s movements. Unfazed, the team – John, Tony and bilingual Sam, with our Timorese partners, Sr Filomena and Aida, the Timorese dental therapist – were able to visit the school in Dair and Liquiça Hospital, as well working in the Maubara Clinic. In total they carried out 829 treatments! Well done team!

Tony Hunt and child in Dair


After another successful trip, Team 2 has returned unscathed to Oz, despite flight delays due to the Indonesian volcanic eruption, getting lost in Liquiça, and operational problems caused by a malfunctioning compressor – now on its last legs after a bush repair in Dili.

However, their return has been marred by grief and loss. Sadly, John Moran’s mother – Sam Moran’s grandmother – passed away shortly after their return. Our heartfelt condolences go out to them and to their family during this difficult time.