Blanche Tsetong

Dr Blanche Tsetong, QLD –
Blanche joined the program in 2007. She has been on 8 dental teams to Timor L’este, and is the current program coordinator. Blanche is happiest in water and so the afternoon swim in Maubara is her favourite part of the day. She is a keen surfer, traveller and nature-lover.

5 thoughts on “Blanche Tsetong

  1. I enjoyed reading the interesting commentary about each of the wonderful volunteers, it was very interesting, thank you!

  2. Blanche ….with this picture here on this site, I finally get to see what the amazingly generous and brilliant Blanche Tsetong looks like . Knowing your mother, I am not surprised you are just as beautiful as you are talented . I have heard so much about you, I hope i have the chance someday to meet you in person. Congratulations and thank you for your spirit and all you do ..
    Warm regards
    Jim Reaume

  3. Hi Blanche ;
    Thank you for taking the time to reply. If your mom is fine …that is all i need to know .
    All the best .

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