Team 3 safely home

(Pic: Bony, Karen, Abbey, Marius, Sally, Wayne – on arrival)

The last members of Team 3 have landed safely in Oz last week, after their 2 weeks in the heat, dust and humidity of TL. According to brief reports, this trip had was a tad more challenging than a ‘run-of-the-mill’ Timor trip; the Ministry of Health in Timor Leste has just introduced a new regulation for volunteer dentists – they must provide a bunch of documentation, two statutory declarations in Tetum and Portuguese, passport photos and a fee of USD25 for the privilege of volunteering their services in Timor Leste. Unknowing Team 3 had none of the above, resulting in a number of trips to the Ministry of Health in Dili, and a lot of talking to officials. This frittered away some of the team’s precious treatment time, but their skills in compassion, patience and diplomacy were well-exercised! Glad you are home, Team 3; we look forward to your full report.


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